Play Sand in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Having a sand box in the back yard is a great way for children to improve their development and play skills. However, there are some risks that come with this simple outdoor toy, and play sand in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL safety must be looked at to prevent injury and illness. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that the sand box is kept clean, covered when not in use and safe to play in. If regular checks and cleaning levels are maintained, the sand box will remain a fantastic environment for children to play in. Sandbox safety is very important, and takes very little time to implement.

Allowing children to play in sandboxes carries an element of risk of illness and disease. Unfortunately, sand attracts cats and other wild animals that will be tempted to use it as their litter tray. Animal feces are filled with parasites and diseases that can make a child very ill. This is why play sand in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL safety is very important to ensure that children are kept safe. Small children will always place objects in their mouths, and if the sand or toys has animal feces on them this will be easily passed to the child. The problem will become greater in the summer months, as the temperatures soar.

As well as diseases being passed to the children, there are other worries with the type of sand that is being used. Synthetic sand can cause concerns as it has been linked to cancer, although the small amounts in the sandbox are classed as safe. Buying the correct sand for the sandbox will help to keep the children safe. Buying the sand from a reliable manufacturer who can prove that the sand is non-toxic and safe for children is recommended. As well as ensuring the correct sand is used general maintenance and cleaning will help sandbox safety.

When the children have finished playing in the sand box it should be covered with a tight fitting plastic cover or specially made lid. play sand in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Covering the sandbox overnight is essential as this is when animals come out to play. If the sandbox is accidentally left uncovered it should be emptied, and inspected to ensure there are no feces in it. Even if the sand box is always covered, it should be checked often to ensure there are no foreign objects in the sand. If possible encouraging the children not to put the sand in the mouths is an idea to help with sand box safety.

Ensuring that the children do not eat and drink whilst in the sandbox will not only stop the chance of sand entering their bodies. It will also stop any chance of the food and drink being dropped in the sandbox and encouraging ants and other creatures. As soon as the children have stopped playing in the sand, washing their hands is a great way to encourage sandbox safety. Teaching children a good level of hygiene is always recommended. If they understand how to remain safe whilst in the sandbox, they will enjoy their time more. Children love playing in sand boxes and they are a great educational tool. Although there are risks involved with the sand, with a good level of play sand in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL safety, these risks are at a minimum.

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